Truth Momentum : About Us


In Truth-Momemtum, we define the Professionalism as the qualities connected with our trained and skilled guides. We are committed to providing a professional service to our customers, and let you see the truth of Africa.

Tour Guides

We take pride in our role as your tour guides. We have created numerous joyful and memorable holidays for the people from the world. We aim to provide you a tailored travel solutions. We are happy to answer if you have any queries.

Best Price

We promise that you will be given the best price for your Africa safari tour, in one complete tailor-made itinerary. We will take care of your everything and we are always there for you, from before your departure to your returning to home.

Our Values

Customer Satisfaction is our first priority goal.
We gain trust by treating others with integrity, respect and fairness.
We have integrity and build our company-client relationships on the highest ethical standards.
We create partnerships through open and honest communication.